AZO Airport Readiness:

The Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport is getting ready for you as we enter post-COVID operations. Our primary focus is on the health and safety of our employees and passengers.

People entering the Airport have seen a number of health enhancements over the summer and more are forthcoming. Passengers and employees are seeing more plastic shields, social distancing markers, more hand sanitizer stations positioned around the airport with more to come.

Our plan will support the CDC, State and other health expert recommendations for helping to keep people safely distanced and to protect everyone from the spread of COVID-19.

With these changes passengers can expect to see longer lines as passenger traffic begins to slowly increase as well as changes to the airport layout to accommodate social distancing recommendations. Please be aware of these changes and ensure you plan your schedule accordingly.

Updates this week (1/15/2021) include:

  1. All individuals entering the facility must wear a face covering.
  2. All pre-COVID airlines have returned to AZO (American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines). Please check their website or contact your travel professional for flight details and understand that they are changing schedules to accommodate demand.
  3. All airlines serving AZO are requiring their passengers to wear face masks while on board the aircraft. For details please check the individual airline’s website.
  4. COVID-19 testing for passengers and the community is coming to AZO. Stay tuned for details.

We thank you for your understanding and we look forward to serving you on your next visit to AZO!

Flight Availability:

  • Updated January 15 – Airlines are continuously updating flight schedules to adjust for the impacts of COVID-19. For a status on today’s flights visit our Arrivals & Departures page.
    • American Airlines resumed operations to their Chicago O’Hare hub on January 6th.
    • Delta Air Lines is currently serving their hubs in Detroit and Minneapolis.
    • United Airlines is currently serving their Chicago O’Hare hub with daily flights.
  • Do note that airlines serving AZO are making service adjustments throughout their entire network. The situation is changing weekly (and sometimes daily). Please visit your airline for further, definitive information using the direct links below.

Messages and Information from Our Airline Partners:

Our airline partners are continually updating passengers through their websites. For the most up-to-date information, please follow the links below:

Rental Car Partners:

While they continue to be open, many of our rental car partners are operating on a reduced schedule. Please check with them ahead of time before coming to the airport.

Food and Bar Services:

  • The Airport restaurant is open with limited menu options.

Security Badge Renewal Information:

For those AZO Badgeholders that have a badge set to expire in the near future (minimally 30 days), please contact the AZO Badge Office Phone number at 269-447-4424 or email for current badge renewal procedures.

Traveling Touchless:

Want to minimize the amount of contact during your travel experience? There are a number of ways that passengers can reduce the risk of exposure while also enhancing the travel experience. Take a look below:

  1. Ditch the Paper Boarding Pass: Online check-in processes have become streamlined to the point where you can have a boarding pass shared right on your phone. No need to pass paper between agents or touching kiosks.
  2. Credit Cards and Touchless Payments: Using your credit card means that you’ll not have to take cash that’s been handled many, many times. Also, a number of vendors have touchless pay options that allow you to wave your wallet, credit card or phone.
  3. Bring Your Own Water Bottle: AZO has a water bottle filling station past security. Look for it by Gate 1. Save some money and take solace knowing that you’re the only one that’s handled the water bottle.

Additional Resources:

For additional questions, we encourage our travelers to review information from the following entities: