Off Airport Construction:

Area Road Construction (I-94)

As Winter comes to a close work will continue in earnest on the I-94/Portage Road intersection project. Significant progress is being made. Here is a description and update of the project.

  1. Widening of I-94 from Lovers Lane to Sprinkle Road — the project widens the interstate to three lanes in this area. Detailed project information can be found on MDOT’s Project Page.
  2. Access from Portage Road to EB and WB I-94 is blocked. Follow detour signs for the best directions.

Portage Road Construction

The east half of Portage Road reconstruction is underway. This reconstruction at the intersection of Kilgore Service Road will require an intersection closure. The Kilgore Service Road detour will follow Portage Road south to Romence Road, then east to Sprinkle Road, and back north to Kilgore Road. Work is weather dependent and the schedule is fluid. As weather improves, the remaining work will be able to be completed on Portage Road as well as westbound I-94 and the I-94 ramps at Portage Road. For more information go to MDOT’s Project Page.

Updated: March 13th, 2023

On Airport Construction:

Snow Removal Equipment Storage Facility

The new Snow Removal Equipment (SRE) Storage Facility is a new building in order to store plows, brooms, and other equipment needed to store the equipment necessary to remove snow from the airfield. This project is expected to begin construction this spring and conclude prior to the end of 2023.


South Apron

The South Cargo Apron and Taxilane is designed to increase the usable space at the airport and prepare the southern half of the airfield for future growth. This project is expected to begin constriction this spring and conclude prior to the end of 2023.