Free WiFi

Free WiFi
Free WiFi is provided by the Airport. Your mobile device should recognize “AZO_WIFI” network. When you connect, a browser should pop up with our landing page containing the terms and conditions. Make sure your pop up blocker is turned off.




Tailwind Kalamazoo, LLC

Tailwind ConcessionsLocated in the boarding area.

Open approximately 4:30am until last departing flight.

Offering a full restaurant, bar, gifts, and news services Breakfast, burgers, wraps, sandwiches, pizza and more.

Wide selection of coffee, beer, wine, and specialty drinks.




Board Room Rental

To reserve the Board Room, call Airport Administration at (269)388-3668.


Hourly $30/Hour
Half Day – Up to 4 Hours $100
Full Day – Up to 9 Hours $150
Nonprofits ½ Regular Fee
Airport Tenants & Other County Departments No Charge


AZO Board RoomReservations should be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Rates include projection screen, TV/DVD and kitchenette with sink, coffee maker and small refrigerator.

Renters are responsible for the condition of the space (ie removal of any renter’s equipment, food, beverages, etc) and general cleanup.

Renters are responsible for making arrangements for food or beverage services.

Complimentary parking is NOT provided.

The Airport has priority over any rental request.

The Airport holds the right to waive rental fees when deemed appropriate.

The Airport is not responsible for lost items.



Business Center

Located in the boarding area.

Offering wall and USB charging.