Community friendly flying at AZO is strongly encouraged. Cooperation with noise abatement, when able, is appreciated.

The Kalamazoo Airport is located in close proximity to noise-sensitive neighborhoods. Be a good steward of the aviation community by following the recommended noise procedures:

  • Adhere to an 800° traffic pattern at the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport.
  • Unless engine cooling dictates otherwise, utilize a maximum angle or maximum rate of climb speed for the first 1,000 feet of altitude to distance the aircraft from residual residential areas.
  • Avoid landing from the north or departing to the north over the Milwood residential area unless weather, aircraft performance, pilot experience and familiarity, or company operations specifications necessitate otherwise.
  • Propeller-driven aircraft should reduce prop RPM as soon as possible after take-off.
  • Aircraft are asked not to operate over residential neighborhoods between the hours of 2100 and 0700 (local time).

Contact Information

Airport Administration: 269-388-3668

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The goals for the AZO Noise Abatement Program are as follows:

  • Airport Operations that are compatible with surrounding communities.
  • Education, involve and engage the community and flying public about our ongoing dedication to addressing noise issues.
  • Be committed to being a good neighbor, and respond to each concern.
  • Strive for excellence and increased awareness of the Noise Abatement Program.